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birthday cake, balloons, and hat wallpaper

Volunteer with us

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Birthday Hero

Represent IYBI as a primary contact with a designated shelter and plan the birthday option for each child.

Board Member

Support the mission of IYBI by providing strategic governance and perform minimal day-to-day tasks.

Jr. Birthday Friend

For students! Meet once every October to brainstorm ideas to fundraise and promote IYBI events for the following year.

Attend a party

We host 1-2 parties per month. (See us in action)! Volunteers help decorate the room and set out the yummy treats; engage the children with planned games, activities, or entertainment; and then stick around to clean up when we're done!

Join us!


Super Volunteer Spotlight

Tamara Swanson is our ‘Yes’ Volunteer. Whenever there’s a need, she eagerly says "YES!" – no matter the location or the urgency. Wearing many birthday hats, she is involved with the shelters and behind the scenes. She is an amazing volunteer that is also a Birthday Hero and a Board Member. We are very fortunate to have such a gem!

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