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birthday cake, balloons, and hat wallpaper

Volunteer with us

Join our team

Birthday Hero

Board Member

Birthday Committee Member

Represent IYBI as a primary contact with a designated shelter and plan the birthday option for each child.

Support the mission of IYBI by providing strategic governance and perform minimal day-to-day tasks.

Join a great opportunity to support IYBI behind the scenes - 

Finance Committee; Fundraising/Development Committee; Marketing Committee

Attend a party

We host 1-2 parties per month. (See us in action)! Volunteers help decorate the room and set out the yummy treats; engage the children with planned games, activities, or entertainment; and then stick around to clean up when we're done!


Super Volunteer Spotlight

Jittaun's multifaceted roles within IYBI, including Birthday Hero, Board Member, and the recent addition of Keeper of the Birthday Office Key, highlight her indispensable contributions. Her dedication and attention to detail, make her an integral part of IYBI.

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