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birthday cake, balloons, and hat wallpaper

Volunteer with us

Join our team

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Birthday Hero

Represent IYBI as a primary contact with a designated shelter and plan the birthday option for each child.

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Board Member

Support the mission of IYBI by providing strategic governance and perform minimal day-to-day tasks.

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Jr. Birthday Friend

For students! Meet once every October to brainstorm ideas to fundraise and promote IYBI events for the following year.

Attend a party

Help decorate and prepare the room for the fun (see us in action)! Engage the children with planned games, activities, or entertainment. Set out the yummy treats.

Plan to stick around to clean up when we're done. 

Join us!


Super Volunteer Spotlight

Tamara Swanson is our ‘Yes’ Volunteer. Whenever there’s a need, she eagerly says "YES!" – no matter the location or the urgency. Wearing many birthday hats, she is involved with the shelters and behind the scenes. She is an amazing volunteer that is also a Birthday Hero and a Board Member. We are very fortunate to have such a gem!

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