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Birthday cake, balloons, and hat wallpaper
A young black girl wearing a paper birthday tiara, smiling, and with hand up to wave "hello"

Give a child in shelter care a memorable birthday

Experts say celebrating birthdays is important for a child's development and for strengthening family and social bonds. On top of that, birthdays are fun! Do we need any more reasons?


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Our mission

To create a fun and memorable birthday experience for children in homeless and domestic violence shelters

Thank-you notes

A handwritten thank-you note that reads:  "Dear It's Your Birthday, I cannot express how much we appreciate you coming to TWSH month after month. The children and ladies love them so much. From the magic shows to the snacks all the way to the gifts that you give. You all dedicate your time and energy to make each child feel special. I hope you are able to continue to bless future families to come."
A handwritten note that reads: "I really would like to thank you for being so generous and sweet in arranging the birthday for my daughter. That was really helpful due to my current situation. You really brightened up our day with everything you did for us."
A handwritten note that reads: "Dear Rolanda, On behalf of [name redacted], staff, women, and children, I would like to say thank you for putting smiles on the moms and children. Having a birthday while in shelter can be a bit depressing for the kids but you have found a way to change that. Your organization is and will make birthdays enjoyable for all the children in shelter. We are all so excited to have you on board and look forward to working with you. Again, thank you for what you do.
A handwritten note with a drawing in crayon of a birthday cake with candles and the words "thank you." The note in pencil reads: "I had the best birthday ever. I had fun thank you for everything. Love, [name redacted]"

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Birthday hat with pom-pom


happy birthdays since 2014

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